What I focus on gives me my Reality.



face-deep blue-eyed peep into a sleeping rainbow

face-deep blue-eyed peep into a sleeping rainbow

I never finished the above painting when I was 13 years old & pondering what the future may hold for me… but I am glad, now, that I started it & got as far as I did. There are many lessons I have learned since then, that come to mind behind these same blue-eyes.  Peeping again into the sleeping rainbow of my future, I have learned that what I see is my reality; & what I see is what I focus on; therefore: what I focus on gives me my reality.


Since Spring is when new life begins, I’ve begun making a 90 day action plan to begin March 21st, the 1st day of Spring (until June 21st, the Summer Solstice) ,  for beginning my new C.H.A.R.M.E.D. life :


CELEBRATION: I will select somewhere to celebrate my accomplishments & to plan my next adventures in Commitment… Maybe Surfing lessons in Costa Rica?



I will develop the habit of exercising at least 15min a day 5x’s a week



I will have posted a minimum of 11 blog articles with self-created photos, drawings, videos, crafts, artwork, etc.



I will have formed a Men’s Team



I will have added $50,000 per month to the bottom line of my scrap metal recycling company



I will have read 7 enlightening books



I will have completely unpacked, moved into & ergonomically designed every room, closet, shelf & drawer of my new home

I will have a complete garden plan ready to deploy in my backyard by the Spring Equinox


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