The 7 Playgrounds of a C.H.A.R.M.E.D. life


Sitting on the sun

“Living a full life” , … I like that phrase :-)

I hear that as “joyful abundance in all areas.”… which got me thinking…

What are all the areas of life in which one might have a sense of joyful abundance?

I want this to be the most fulfilling year of my life… So I have been formulating a sort of “Fulfillment Project” & its time I give it some order…yes, I want to be not just happy, but fulfilled & I want to fulfill on who I know I could be, but…. What am I actually going to DO?

I brainstormed for hours & hours &  enjoyed starting a “Bucket List” & then I organized my list categorically & I noticed that everything fit into 7 distinct categories & I couldn’t think of an 8th, nor do I see a need for one.  I’m really excited about what I came up with !

The 7 Playgrounds of a C.H.A.R.M.E.D.  Life

Celebration: every 90 Day goal cycle should be borne out of a celebratory period & the accomplishment of that new cycle of goals should be celebrated. Ideally, this celebration would be done by crossing off a bucket list item.

Health & Fitness:  I figure I am going to want energy to accomplish all my first round goals.

Art & Soul: this is a category for Self-expression & Inspiration. To make all the other goals a part of who I am being. The idea is to channel self-expression into a measurable creation… A physical manifestation with a momentum independent myself,  that because it exists outside of me, I can give it away to others. — This is the purpose of any Human life.

Relationships: I remind myself: “You are not the thoughts you have or the feelings you feel. You are what you do & what your community says about that. Nothing is real, until you share it with another.” This is the first thing I have written in my journal as I begin this experiment. & just now I added “The most powerful way to do this, is as an invitation for others to play & to collaborate.”

Money: (more journal notes to myself:) “Live in Abundance. Prove this to your ego, by being generous to any source of inspiration. You attract & expand that to which you give yourself.”

Education: ( apparently determined to get my value out of my journal) “Your whole universe is perceived through, navigated by, generated from your mind. Your mind is your universe. Enrich your mind, enrich your life through educational experiences.”

Dwelling: (seriously clocking some journal mileage here:) Home, Garden, Car, office, each task-specific work station — Design any place you dwell ergonomically, like a cockpit. Engineer for maximum efficiency. Decorate your space as an expression of who you are. Try to keep only the missions at hand in view to minimize distraction. Keep Missions highly visible through posted mantras, vision boards, calendars, etc.

I am really excited to share this with my Men’s team tonight!


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