Genetic profiling for tailored diet & exercise advice?




Found out about 23andMe personal genetic profiling (as in 23 pairs of chromosomes).

What a wonderful opportunity for humanity! huge data set to forward health, medicine, psychology, the applications have set my brain on spin-cycle!

But then I read:

The FDA banned companies giving access to individuals to their own genetic information in the absence of a doctor, citing 2 specific concerns regarding reporting the potential predisposition for any serious disease:

1.) False Negatives

2.) False Positives

You can still order your kit & get a lot of information, but they no longer are allowed to interpret large portions of it.

Silly! First, these are refferring to genetic potentialities ONLY, not a diagnosis. Anyone ordering such a test understands that. If you get a false negative, then you just behave today exactly as you did yesterday, since you still don’t know. & if you got a false positive, what is the first thing you would do? Go see a doctor, perhaps? This ban was obviously not about public safety, it was about money. The FDA is accustomed to being paid just like the mafia, & when 23andMe didn’t cower, the FDA had to demonstrate a show of power. Any kit bought (only $99) after November 22, 2013, 23andMe can’t report on the individual’s in-depth specifics.┬áThose who purchase kits after this date will only get ancestry information and raw genetic data without any form of interpretation. It is possible that they will get health-related results at a later date, pending FDA approval.

I ordered my kit, obviously well after that cut-off.

I followed the instructions of spitting into a tube after not eating nor drinking for 30 minutes, mixed the preserving fluid & I registered & mailed it off. I am very interested in my ancestry, health profile & I have authorized 23andMe to use my data for further research, but I have a more precise motivation: I want to find research that has identified the genes responsible for the the production of things like digestive enzymes. My thinking is: How much amylase I produce, (a digestive enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates), is probably a strong indicator of whether I should eat a high or low carb diet.

I will review & report my results, when I get them.

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