If you want to strengthen Will-Power, you’ll need to exercise Doing what you said you’d Do



I admit that I am a little self-conscious about how basic my first round goals are:

(Sleep, Diet, Exercise, this Blog, Work plans, reading & learning, organizing, scheduling, budgeting, etc.)

I also have a bit of shame in admitting that an embarrassingly common mistake I have made, is: I, (perhaps more frequently than the average person or at least more publicly), come up with fantastically ambitious plans & then I get distracted, derailed or my interest simply wanes… & then nothing much comes of my grandiose visions.

Thankfully, I have achieved at least enough, that I feel my self-esteem is at a healthy level & I have some workable degree of credibility with my peers. So, it just begs the question: What’s the difference?

When it has worked, Why? How did I accomplish &/or complete what I’ve accomplished &/or completed?

versus: that which I’ve left unanswered, incomplete, or wholly undone?

In part, this experiment , (I am, rather plainly, calling:) my “Fulfillment Project” is meant to discover & refine that key difference.

At the moment, I suspect a key factor has been the degree to which an endeavor was “self-sufficiently doable”. I mean to say, for example, that a resolution to workout for 2 consecutive hours every single day at a gym with a trainer is soon challenged… What if your car breaks down? What if your gym is closed? What if your trainer gets sick? What if you are running late? What if you have immoveable commitments & don’t have 2 hours? What if you get sick? Etc. Any of these occurences, would have a reasonable person let themselves off the hook for fulfilling on their commitment. 1 day off, might through happenstance, become 2 days or 3 days in a row & then you are off schedule. Before you know it, it often takes just as much re-starting willpower as it di to start in the first place; which must’ve been a considerable & hard enough to must ammount of willpower given the evidence of your not having been doing whatever it was that you resolved to do, before your recent resolution to do it.



What if you commit to exercising full out for 10 minutes — NO MATTER WHAT

Even if you are sick, you could exercise for 10 minutes. 10 minutes is long enough to get your hear rate to maximum. 10 minutes is long enough to do 2 full sets of :

35 incline sit-ups, 35 V-shaped floor-washers, 35 leg raise push-ups, 35 deep-squats w/ calf-raises & shoulder-burns w/ fore-arm flexes, 15 chin-ups & 35 Supermans   —- all using only body weight.

10 minutes seems something anyone can muster even when they don’t feel like it. 10 minutes is so “self-sufficiently doable” that  it is hard to let oneself off the hook, even when thwarting circumstances arise. & often, for me, ( much more so than I ever expect), fulfilling on that 10 minutes creates a momentum that has me choose to keep going.

Setting my goals at “self-sufficiently doable” levels keeps me from feeling oppressed by them & subsequently resisting them & then justifying why I am not wrong for not fulfilling, but rather,  was overly-ambitious in setting soooo many goals sooo high in the first place.

“Self-sufficiently doable” keeps it easy so there is room for fun.

Plus: at the end of each day, I have exercised my will-power muscles & integrity muscles & commitment muscles. Keeping my word to myself doesn’t just make a life by design seem ” self-sufficiently doable”, but by practicing doing what I said I would do, I am, in fact, already living a life by my own design.

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