If it weren’t for the respite of night, we could not see the stars; & therefore would not ponder them.



Begining this Fulfillment Project to live a “C.H.A.R.M.E.D.” life, I figure a good Lifeline (why does it have to be “dead”, since it gives you life to focus?), would be March 21st for the Spring Equinox, This gives me time to select & set my first round of goals in each of the 7 areas of a C.H.A.R.M.E.D. life & then to formulate how to proceed & make action plans.

I just want to sit tonight, & quiet my mind, to focus & begin to puzzle this out.

I am grateful for the elongated reprieve of these longest nights of the year. I have craved quiet contemplation. Cozily sheltered under the dark wing of this long winter’s night, I feel secure in an eddy of escape from the everyday avalanche of angst… That rushing detritus of distraction & deluge of anxious obligation that pelted & swept me uncontrollably tumbling & growing further & more densely buried beneath blurred days & weeks & somehow consumed the last decade of my life.

With the succor of a spiritual mother hen,  a brooding night has nestled me in my nest. Snug in this comfortable solitude, my most private thoughts are safe to play & a clutch of incubated “New Life” ideas begin to hatch.

A birth-wet & fuzzy chattering of hatchling ideas, I do not have it all worked out yet, but I think waiting for perfection has been a key mistake I have regularly made in the past.  I will begin where I begin. The important thing is to start. Who said I had to get it all perfect on my first attempt?

I will enjoy the process.


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