You can never get anywhere, except from exactly where you are



You can never get anywhere, except from exactly where you are…

…But you can get anywhere from there.

Ever have a silly thoughts like the following?:

  • As soon as I have enough money, I will be more generous & philanthropic.
  • Those group exercise classes seem really great, as soon as I’m in good enough shape, maybe I’ll sign up
  • When I know as much as they do, I’ll participate.

I recognize now, that I have missed out on a lot of life while I planned & researched & organized. I have spent a lot of life preparing for the life I want, rather than living it. Its sort of, as if I’ve been in sniper training & I only have the one shot to hit my target. I have spent a lot of time checking hour-by-hour weather and taking into account anything that could happen and packing for any situation that may arise and scounting out my best spot to set up and calculating wind speed and air density and distance and curvature of the earth and…(ad nauseam)

Meanwhile, I have witnessed very very successful people take a different approach.

I have this business partner, for instance: Someone once asked us both to answer a complex riddle. Well, I am the smart one. It was up to me to prove it.

My partner immediately begins a rapid fire of answers, silly & inane at first. Then he picks up lucky clues from his random shots in the dark and begins to zero in. & while I am quietly & intelligently devising a strategy for analytically applying deductive reasoning….*Clap! …WTH!?!? My partner who was overzealously spitting while spewing desultory answers like an automatic sprinkler, got the answer before I had even tried.

He was hunting with a machine gun while I acted as if I only had one bullet. If we were hunting for food, who do you think would go home hungry?

Want to know the dirty little secret behind my inactive failure & his flurry of action that ended with success?

I didn’t want to look stupid, but in the end, I actualized my fear because I failed. I was so grave & intense about it, as if it were life or death. My identity had been threatened.

My partner had no ego at all. Jumping like an enthusiastic kindergartner, he was enjoying playing a game.

That is the first secret:

Play Games. No one is going to die. So, why not play games that interest you?

Everyone starts somewhere, they say.  Let your ego know that your body is safe; your identity is safe. & pretend for the moment, that wherever you are is not just “fine”, but ponder for a moment, why wherever you are is the perfect place from which to embark on an amazing adventure from where you are to wherever you want to be. No one said you have to get it right. No one said you only get one try.

Where do you want to go?

Ready, Fire, Aim!

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